Montanita, Ecuador -- A Great Place To Retire For Ex-Pats


Are you searching for an inexpensive place to retire that can also earn its keep as a vacation home until you do give up the working life? Perhaps, you've looked into some of the traditional havens for ex-pats such as Puerto Vallarta, Mexico or Phuket, Thailand but would prefer something a little more off the radar. Then you should check out Montanita, Ecuador? Why? Well for one thing, recently called Ecuador the number one retirement haven in the world. 

The Vibe: Hippie Plus Surfer

But why Montanita? If you've never heard of Montanita, you are not alone. This beach town, which has a reputation for year-round big waves, has managed to stay under the radar even though it has been a destination for ex-pats and surfers since about the 1960s. Today, this surfing hot spot is known for its hippie vibe and party atmosphere. It is also known for:

  • Drawing visitors from around the world. This town is home to many international ex-pats, which means there isn't a "locals only" attitude in Montanita. Interestingly enough, this town is also popular with Ecuadorians. 
  • Being a relatively safe place to live and visit. describes Montanita as a safe and relaxed destination. 
  • Being an inexpensive destination in which to purchase real estate. You can still purchase affordable ocean-front homes or condos in Montanita. 
  • Warm weather. Montanita's weather is perfect for beach bums who don't ever want to put another sweater or even shoes on again. 
  • Casual and welcoming lifestyle. As stated above, shoes tend to be optional in this hippie town. Montanita is also a town where anything goes so same-sex couples are not frowned upon. 

Ecuador: A Haven to Retirees

Forbes named Ecuador the best place to retire abroad in 2015. According to Forbes, the cost of living is about half of what it is to live in America, with both food and doctor's visits being very inexpensive in Ecuador. In Montanita, for example, you can pick up empanadas from street vendors for about $1. 

Buy Before You Retire

All of these things make Montanita a great place to retire, but you don't have to wait until you are finished working to enjoy life in Montanita. In fact, a wise idea is to purchase a home or condo now that you can use for vacations or to rent out to other visitors until you're ready to retire. And don't let Montanita's reputation as being a great place to retire fool you. In addition to being a famous surfing spot, Montanita is also a great place to:

  • Whale watch. Humpback whales can be found off the coast of Ecuador from June to September. 
  • Enjoy having a drink or four with ex-pats from around the world. Montanita has more than its fair share of bars and clubs. 
  • Scuba and snorkel.

Finding the Right Home for Your Needs

Before purchasing Ecuador homes for sale, speak with a real estate expert who can help you pick the best spot for your needs. If you like to party, for example, the real estate expert may steer you towards the downtown area where you can easily walk to and from the many bars and clubs. If, on the other hand, you prefer peace and quiet or would prefer to be closer to the mountains, a real estate agent may steer you away from the town. 

Once you purchase a home, a real estate agent may also be able to help you list it on the rental market so that it can earn back some of your investment. And if the agent doesn't provide rental management services, they could help you find someone who does. 


27 May 2015

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