Best Features To Look For In A Pet-Friendly Hotel


If you plan to hit the road with your faithful furry companion, you should know that many hotels are looking to be more inviting to people with pets. It's no surprise, since 60% of pet owners said they traveled with their pets in 2010. Many hotels now don't just allow pets to stay in their rooms, but offer a wide variety of services and commodities to make your fuzzy pal as comfortable and happy as possible. If you're looking for the best hotel for you and your pet, make sure that the place you plan to stay at offers these options.

Pet Accommodations

In the past, staying at a hotel that was pet-friendly just meant that your pet could stay in your room. These days, however, hotels are offering a multitude of ways to make sure your pet is as comfortable as you are.

Many hotels now offer luxurious bedding for pets and a treat on the pet's pillow. In addition, you can expect that your hotel will offer services to make sure your pet is looked after if you want to leave the hotel without them. Your pet will be looked after, fed, and in some cases, you can even have the staff bathe your pet.

Long Walks on the Beach

Pets - especially dogs - don't enjoy being cooped up for long periods of times, and many hotels have seen this as an opportunity to help out. If you're going to stay at a hotel for a vacation, there's a good chance you're going to take your pet with you everywhere you go. However, if you're staying for business reasons, you might not have the time and luxury to take your pet on long walks. Thankfully, the hotel staff can help out in this regard.

Many hotels now offer professional dog walkers that can take your pup (or leashed walking-friendly cat) on a walk for you. These walks sometimes go along the beach if you're close to the water, or up into the hills and rocky cliffs for extreme exercise. Of course, if your pet is more accustomed to easy walks, a simple walk around the block is always a possibility.

Pet Room Service

Lastly, hotels are now striving to make pets feel as pampered as their parents with room service. If you want to take it easy in your room and have your dinner brought to you, why should your dog be any different? Many hotels will now bring meals for your pet, ranging from top of the line pet food to meals designed by their own in-hotel chefs to please even the most fussy pets.

Going on a trip with your pet should be an easy and fun experience for you both, even if you have business to attend to. Talk to your hotel in advance to find out what offerings they can provide to your pet when you check in.


21 March 2017

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