Staying At A Hotel For A Lengthy Move? 3 Tips To Maximize The Safety Of Your Possessions


Trying to cross the country in a day or two of lengthy driving is not a smart decision. It will lead to staying on the road when you are not as focused, which can make it challenging to react to things quickly. You will find it better to spread out the driving and stay at hotels in the meantime to ensure a good night's sleep. But, you may be concerned about the prospect of your items getting stolen while you are sleeping. It is ideal to follow a few tips regarding hotel stays to maximize the safety of your belongings.

Use Landscape to Your Advantage

The first thing that you will want to do when showing up to a hotel is drive around the parking lot. You may notice a certain spot that has a large bush almost covering up part of the space. This is an excellent place to park your moving vehicle because you can push it right up against the bush itself. For a person to attempt to break open the lock and get into your items, they would have to get right into the bush. This approach should make it far less tempting for a thief to try out your vehicle over other ones.

Park Under Parking Lot Lights

Poor lighting in a hotel parking lot can lead to problems with theft. A thief will feel more confident about breaking into a car and taking items when there is not much light around to expose them. So, a great solution is to look for all the parking lot lights in the complex and try to get right under one. If you can, you may also want to prioritize a location that multiple lights shine on to maximize security.

Stay Within Front Desk Vision

Do not forget about parking close to the front desk. Trying to park next to a large bush will likely be difficult if you want to stay in such a safe and well-lit area, but you can attempt to combine the two. Since a front desk employee will be working at or waiting around the area all day and night, you can expect them to keep an eye on the outside and get help whenever there is something suspicious going on.

Keeping your items safe should be one of your highest priorities during a move, so it makes perfect sense to use some or all of these methods to avoid a situation in which your possessions get stolen.


10 May 2017

Making The Most Of Your Hotel Experience

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