Top 4 Vacation Rental Myths And Their Truths


Vacation rentals are an excellent option for families, couples, or groups of friends who are looking for a place to stay while on vacation that feels more like a home than a hotel. Unfortunately, there are several myths floating around that make a person question whether this is a viable option. Below are the top four myths, as well as their actual truths. 

The Homeowner Will Bother Me During My Stay

Many travelers think the owner of the vacation rental home will check up on them on a daily basis. This could not be further from the truth. In fact, in may cases, the owner doesn't even live in the area. When the owner does live in the vicinity, he or she will welcome you with a smile and a key, see if there is anything you need, and then leave you to enjoy your trip. Additionally, vacation rental homes are known for being much more private than hotels and other traditional lodgings.

All Vacation Rentals are Scams

While there are always crooks out there who would love nothing more than to make a quick buck, it simply isn't true that most vacation rentals are scams. It is important that families search for a vacation rental on a reputable site, as these sites verify the identity of the property owner. Once you find a few that appeal to you, check to see if there are reviews from other travelers who have stayed there. Another thing to look for is how long the listing has been active. If it's been a year or longer, chances are the rental is legitimate.

Vacation Rentals Do Not Come With Maid Service

Every rental is different, however, families can expect the vacation rental home to be spotless upon arrival. When booking the rental, the owner will specify how often the place will be cleaned by a housekeeper. This may be daily or weekly. If the owner does not currently offer this service and you desire it, you can try to negotiate it for an additional fee. 

There Won't Be Anyone to Help If I Need Something

Many rentals are serviced by a property management company. These organizations provide vacationers with an emergency number in the event that they need something during their stay. The owners who choose not to use a property management service typically leave their number with guests, although they may not check their phones in the middle of the night. Any problems would then be addressed the next morning. 

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18 May 2017

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