Going On Your First Pheasant Hunting Trip


Pheasant can be a delicacy due to its rich flavor and tender meat. Not surprisingly, this is also a popular type of prey for hunters, and it can even be suitable prey for those that are new to hunting. When going pheasant hunting for the first time, a person will be able to increase their chances of successfully hunting these birds if they are taking some steps.

Be Careful When Closing The Car Or Truck Door

Individuals will often drastically underestimate the hearing sensitivity of birds. While they may be aware that deer and other common prey can be easily scared off by sudden sounds, they may fail to appreciate this risk with pheasants. In fact, these birds have an extremely well developed sense of hearing, and this can allow them to hear loud and unusual sounds keenly. Being particularly careful when closing the doors to your vehicle and when you are removing gear can help to prevent these sounds from running off the pheasants that may be in the area.

Hire A Pheasant Hunting Guide

A new hunter is unlikely to have the expertise and knowledge needed to successfully find and shoot these birds. This problem is especially common if the hunter is going to an area with which they are unfamiliar. Hiring a pheasant hunting guide can help to overcome these limitations as you can tap into the experience of these professionals throughout your hunt. In addition to choosing a location where pheasants are the most likely to be found, these professionals can also provide tips to help you avoid startling these birds.

Take Time To Line Up Your Shot

When you first see a pheasant, you may become excited and nervous. As a result, you may have the urge to shoot earlier than you normally would. Sadly, this could cause you to miss the shot, and the bids may fly away before you are able to reset. When you have an opportunity to take a shot, it can be worth taking an extra second or two when lining up the shot to make sure that you hit it.

Avoid Growing Impatient Or Frustrated

Individuals will often drastically underestimate the amount of time that it will take to find a prey animal. When hunting pheasants, it can be common to go for long stretches of time during the hunt where you do not see or hear these animals. However, they may still be in the area. Growing impatient can lead to you moving to another position, which may alert these birds to your presence in the area.

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23 September 2019

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