Ensure That Your Hotel Offers These Things if Traveling for Business


When you travel for business, you'll occasionally be told by your manager what hotel you'll be staying at. In other cases, you'll need to book your own hotel—which gives you the opportunity to ensure that it will specifically suit your needs. In addition to the obvious things such as making sure that the hotel is located a short distance from where you'll be attending a conference or a series of meetings, there are a handful of other things to check on in advance.

9 March 2017

Location-Based Factors To Consider When You Choose Your Hotel


As you begin to think about booking a hotel room for an upcoming trip, it's important to focus on the location of the establishment within the city that you're visiting. While a hotel's star rating and on-site amenities are also important, you'll often find that picking the right hotel location for your needs can augment your experience. Generally, you'll find a number of hotels in a city's downtown area and another grouping of hotels in the suburbs.

15 February 2017