Tips For Planning Your Epic Fly Fishing Trip Of A Lifetime


If you have decided that this year is the one where you will go on an epic fly fishing trip of a lifetime, then you will be pleased to learn that with a bit of planning you can have an amazing time. Whether you plan to fly fish in Alaska, California, or somewhere on the east coast, your trip will be a success if you follow these tips when planning your trip:

30 March 2017

Best Features To Look For In A Pet-Friendly Hotel


If you plan to hit the road with your faithful furry companion, you should know that many hotels are looking to be more inviting to people with pets. It's no surprise, since 60% of pet owners said they traveled with their pets in 2010. Many hotels now don't just allow pets to stay in their rooms, but offer a wide variety of services and commodities to make your fuzzy pal as comfortable and happy as possible.

21 March 2017

Ensure That Your Hotel Offers These Things if Traveling for Business


When you travel for business, you'll occasionally be told by your manager what hotel you'll be staying at. In other cases, you'll need to book your own hotel—which gives you the opportunity to ensure that it will specifically suit your needs. In addition to the obvious things such as making sure that the hotel is located a short distance from where you'll be attending a conference or a series of meetings, there are a handful of other things to check on in advance.

9 March 2017

Location-Based Factors To Consider When You Choose Your Hotel


As you begin to think about booking a hotel room for an upcoming trip, it's important to focus on the location of the establishment within the city that you're visiting. While a hotel's star rating and on-site amenities are also important, you'll often find that picking the right hotel location for your needs can augment your experience. Generally, you'll find a number of hotels in a city's downtown area and another grouping of hotels in the suburbs.

15 February 2017

3 Awesome Things To Do In Southern Oregon This Spring


If you've been feeling a little too confined this winter, spring is a great time to plan a vacation that gets you outdoors and out on the road, and southern Oregon may be the perfect place to visit. While southern Oregon is a great place to visit at any time of the year, the warm air and mild weather make spring an especially inviting time to take a trip to this unique area of the country.

29 February 2016

Montanita, Ecuador -- A Great Place To Retire For Ex-Pats


Are you searching for an inexpensive place to retire that can also earn its keep as a vacation home until you do give up the working life? Perhaps, you've looked into some of the traditional havens for ex-pats such as Puerto Vallarta, Mexico or Phuket, Thailand but would prefer something a little more off the radar. Then you should check out Montanita, Ecuador? Why? Well for one thing, recently called Ecuador the number one retirement haven in the world.

27 May 2015